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Personal training is the heart of what I do. I approach every client individually, sit down with you to do a preliminary discovery assessment and learn about your goals before tailoring a program for you.  

With Your Body Your Weigh Personal Training, you will receive the coaching, motivation and accountability that you need in order to achieve your own individual goals in a comfortable environment.

What if....

Whether you're just beginning an exercise regimen or training for competition, I can help provide one-on-one, personalized training that will help you reach your individual goals. 

I’ll show you how to achieve the body, confidence, and energy you desire in an enthusiastic community where you know you belong so you can look in the mirror and see that you’re possible.

I offer Semi Private(2ppl max) and Personal One on One training programs in an initial 90 Day Program. 

Most clients meet with me 2-4 times per week, and training sessions are typically 55 minutes long.

Every session includes cardiovascular, resistance, and flexibilty training. Weekly nutritional coaching to help you restructure your lifestyle and habits.  

Our programs can be designed for many goals, including:  

  • weight loss
  • strength gains
  • Lifestyle habit changes and support
  • reduce medications
  • reduce risk of chronic diseases
  • reduce risk of injury from exercise
  • body image concerns
  • reduce low energy and trouble sleeping

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